Meet The HTC One ‘M8’, Available Today With Google Play Edition Shipping Soon

철인 28 느낌의 휴대폰 New One


HTC has revealed its HTC One (M8) smartphone, the gorgeous, if somewhat inelegantly named Android flagship and successor to last year’s original HTC One, the best-selling phone in HTC’s history. The device is debuting in ‘Gunmetal Gray,’ a finish we got a look at in a video leak yesterday, ‘Glacial Silver,’ and ‘Amber Gold,’ with a unibody all-metal design that appears, from a distance at least, to have every other Android smartphone currently available beat in terms of sheer good looks.

The new flagship ships with HTC’s new Sense 6 UI, and the company is highlighting its Duo Camera photo and video powers, as well as the new ‘Motion Launch’ gesture controls for enabling certain features on the phone without activating or even touching the screen. Another highlight for power users is the Extreme Power Saving Mode, which offers up to 14 days of standby operation by limiting features to…

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